Holiday Update
December 2017

Hello friend! Welcome to the newly launched Gemma O'Brien online store. We're so excited to get some wares into your hot little hands, but please note that new orders will not be processed until we re-open our doors on January 8, 2018. From there please note fulfilment and delivery times in our FAQ. Any questions? Hit up a real live human at


I’ve always wanted my very own Gemma O’Brien mural in my home/office/broom closet - Is this really the next best thing?

Pretty much! There’s so many blank walls, but only one Gemma to go around. For this launch collection, Gemma has painstakingly vectorised and redrawn some of her most popular pieces which can be installed as standalone works, or you can also purchase a clustered sticker set, and do your own thing.

With pieces up to 2m in length, it’s a perfect solution for any small to medium size wall in need of some tszujing.

Why does it cost so much? Isn’t it just a big sticker?

Hell no! It’s so much more than that. Let’s start at the beginning…

We first start with a bitmap file which Gemma converts to vector art for cutting. Each file is considered and adjusted individually to ensure that the unique character of Gemma’s inkwork and detail is properly transferred to the vectorised version to provide a fine balance of technical precision and aesthetics

Using top-of-the-line Graphtec cutters, our gallery team cuts each piece of wall art made to order. Using Avery 700 premium film, each piece of wall art is purely made of self-adhesive cut-vinyl - there is no printing on substances involved in the process.

Each piece is then ‘weeded’ by hand - the process by which the negative forms are removed from the backing paper so that only the artwork remains. For more complex pieces, this can take hours to preserve the fine linework and detail.

Once fully weeded, layers of transfer tape are applied to the entire surface to make for a straightforward installation process.

Finally, we have set a limited edition of 100 in the current size and finish for each piece.

What kind of wall/surface will I need to install the work?

All wall art is made from Avery 700 Premium Film in matte black. It can last for up to 6 years outdoors, and even more indoors. If you’re the technical sort, you can find out all the information on the Data Sheet here.

One of the most unique qualities of this material, is that when installed correctly, it truly feels like the work has been painted on. To achieve this effect however, the work must be installed on a dry, flat, and finished surface such as painted plasterboard, or sanded and sealed timber, or glass. Wall art will not adhere to brick or any other highly textured surface. If you are unsure whether your wall will be suitable, please contact us in advance. You only have one shot to put it up (no pressure), so don’t screw it up.

Hey now - I got this extra piece of wall art that I didn’t order - Is it just my lucky day?

Yes and no. This is a special piece of ‘test’ art that you can apply to get the hang of things before the main event.

How do I install the wall art?

That’s the five hundred dollar question hey?

If you haven’t installed vinyl artwork before, it may seem a bit daunting, but we promise it’s actually pretty easy, and heaps of fun.

To help you get started, we’ve actually included a mini ‘test’ piece so you can get a feel for things if it’s your first time. We’ve also included a small piece of felt to help with application, because that’s just the type of people we are.

So here we go, these are the things you will need to pull this off:

Another person - You can do this alone, but your chances of messing it up increase significantly, especially if it’s your first time.

-Proper masking tape 
-An applicator (you have this!)
-A scalpel or utility knife with fresh blades.
-A pair of great scissors.
-A clean wall!
-A steely sense of resolve and aesthetics.
-At least 20-30 minutes, don’t rush it!

Step One - Familiarise yourself with the basics.

Each piece of wall art is made of three parts. If you are looking at the positive version of the artwork unrolled, it goes something like this from the top down:

1) The transfer paper
2) The actual artwork
3) The backing paper

The ultimate objective of installing the work is to remove the backing paper, which exposes the adhesive side of the vinyl, then applying it to a wall, then removing the top layer of transfer paper, which exposes the matte finish. Easy as pie.

Step Two - Where are you going to put this?

Unroll the wall art and get your unwilling assistant to place it where you want it to be while you sit back and relax and get them to move it around unnecessarily. Go on, you’ve earned it. If you want to be a real stickler you can get a straight-edge out to make sure everything is on the level.

Step Three - Tape it up!

Once you’ve got things just right, unstick the transfer tape from around the edges of the work while holding it in position. Then put a big piece of masking tape down the middle so it goes on the wall, over the wall art, and back on the wall. Once that is done, you might want to put some other pieces up depending on the overall size for greater stability.

Step Three - Peel it back, nice and slow…

Together with your installation partner, hold the transfer paper tautly in both corners with two hands, while your partner holds the backing tape with two hands also keeping taut. Slowly peel the transfer tape back, and look to ensure that the vinyl remains stuck to it. This is effectively ‘transferring’ the vinyl from the backing board ot the transfer tape, so it can then be transferred onto the wall. Lots of transferring happening here folks.

Troubleshooting Point! If you notice that small details are not transferring to the transfer tape, but rather staying on the backing paper, then simply reverse things up - roll the transfer tape back over the stubbornly pieces in question, rub it down from over the transfer tape side, and then start again. Remember you need to go slow! The slower you go, the less chance of this happening. For some very detailed pieces, you might need to give the vinyl a bit of encouragement and lift it up manually with your blade to get it over to the transfer tape.

Step Four - Cut it in half.

Once you reach the mid-point where your tape is holding the vinyl up, get your partner to use their blade or scissors to cut off the now empty backing paper and discard/recycle.

Step 5 - Lay it back down.

With the backing paper gone on one half, you can now transfer the vinyl onto the wall. Exciting! Without letting go of the transfer paper, your partner should come from the mid-point with the applicator tool and slowly roll out the transfer tape and vinyl to your wall surface. Work slowly from the center out to avoid air bubbles or cracks.

Step 6 - Do it all over again.

You’re halfway there! The hardest part is over. Not just do the same thing on the other side. Grab the backing paper first and slowly peel it away from the transfer paper while your partner holds it taut. Once all the backing paper is removed, use the applicator to once again slowly roll out the transfer paper from the middle outwards

Step 7 - Rub a dub dub.

Now the vinyl is fully on the wall, you need to take your applicator out and really get in there. You’ll start to see the transfer paper, and by extension the vinyl, start to conform to the surface texture. Really get into all the nooks and crannies there. Don’t skimp on this step!

Step 8 - The big reveal!

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Much like removing that clear plastic film from a brand new iPhone, this is just as exciting, so take it slow. Not only to savor the moment, but so as to not mess things up. You’ve come so far!

Starting in a corner, slowly peel the transfer tape off the wall. Depending on the size of the piece, your partner may need to cut off pieces as you go, so you don’t end up having to roll a huge unwieldy wad of transfer paper all over the place, increasing said risk of messing up.

If you notice pieces aren’t sticking to the wall, you probably haven’t run your applicator over it hard enough to engage the transfer. Roll the transfer paper back on, rub it down harder, and try again. Like the process of removing the backing paper, some smaller and more stubborn areas might need more encouragement by using your blade to start the process so it fully sticks.

Step 9 - That’s it!

Step back and marvel your accomplishment, then start your own signage business.

That seems complicated, can I just get someone else to do it?

Of course, whatever floats your boat! Our wall art is prepared like most professional signage, so any local company should be able to sort you out. You also might want to check out some youtube tutorials like this to perhaps bolster your confidence.

I have a really big or weird space and would love to get something bigger or custom made, is this possible?

Absolutely! As all the artwork is vector-based, we can make nearly any size a reality. The only thing is that at larger sizes, artwork needs to be provided in multiple panels, and professional installation is required. Please email us for more details.

When will new designs be released?

Steady on! We just got here! Gemma’s got lots of goodies in the works though, so be sure to sign up to the shop-specific mailing list for more details on new releases. It’s a text only message that we send out once every month or so to let you know when new things are here. You can also check Gemma’s intstagram for announcements.

I don’t like vinyl, can I get something hand painted?

Why not? Literally anything is possible in today’s topsy turvy world. Just shoot an email to your nearest artist representative and they’ll see what’s possible. To avoid disappointment please keep in mind however that Gemma is often booked months in advance, and sadly is not able to take on all the commission requests she receives (ergo, making vinyl wall art here), however each request will be considered and responded to regardless.

I love your vinyl and all, but I’m all fingers and thumbs, is there an easier option to get a bit of that trademark Gemma magic on my wall?

Step right this way kind person - Gemma's limited and open edition prints are just the ticket for you and your wayward limbs.

What’s a Giclee Print?

Prounounced zhee-clay if you’re fancy, or jick-lay if you’re Australian, Giclee Prints are a certain kind of fine art print. Working in a controlled environment with a combination of specialty software and hardware, Giclee prints are considered the gold standard with regard to creating the most accurate reproduction of a piece of artwork, while at the same time offering archival qualities through the use of pigment based ink and speciality paper.

What’s a Risograph?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Watch this space, exciting things coming soon.

What’s the difference between an open edition and limited edition?

An open edition means that we can print and sell as many copies of the work that we like. A limited edition means that we set the number of copies that can be made in that specific size or method of reproduction. Because of this scarcity, limited editions carry a higher value for collectors. All of Gemma’s limited edition prints are signed and numbered by Gemma, whereby open editions are typically unsigned or have the signature block printed along with the artwork.

As many of Gemma’s limited edition works are produced on-demand, please allow for additional processing time to allow for signing. This time period can fluctuate depending on Gemma’s travel commitments, so if you require your work for a specific time, please let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate.

Egads, I didn’t read your amazingly detailed instructions and I totally ballsed this up. Can I get a refund or a reprint?

We understand accidents happen, however due to the amount of labour and other hard costs expended in producing these pieces, we cannot offer any replacements or refunds for faulty installations or changes of mind. Sozzles.

Waiter! There’s a fly in my soup, and this weird mark on my original artwork!

In most cases, Gemma’s original artwork is created to be scanned and retouched for digital output in print or on screen. Therefore these pieces are truly unique in that some of them may carry errant marks or other irregularities. We consider this to be part of the ephemeral charm of these works and include them deliberately. If you wish to have a pristine piece of retouched artwork on your wall, these pieces may not be appropriate, otherwise please ensure you inspect the close up image of each piece before purchasing.

Can you frame work for me?

Unfortunately not. If you are in Melbourne though, we recommend United Measures.

What framing style does Gemma recommend for her work?

Gemma suggests using natural or waxed finish using a local and sustainable timber, with a box finish to the edge. Original work should be float mounted.

Who’s in charge here?

Gemma’s shop is operated by the friendly faces of Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne, Australia which is a Jacky Winter joint. All vinyl wall art, giclee prints, and Risographs are produced on-site through our dedicated production arm, New Blank Document.

Is Gemma currently available for commissions?

Just shoot an email to your nearest artist representative and they’ll see what’s possible. To avoid disappointment please keep in mind however that Gemma is often booked months in advance, and sadly is not able to take on all the commission requests she receives, however each request will be considered and responded to regardless.

How can I contact Gemma directly?

Due to Gemma’s demanding schedule, all correspondence for Gemma should be directed to your nearest artist representative:

NYC +1-212-979-1200
LA +1-310-392-2700

+61(0)3 8060 9745

How do you ship things?

All Wall Art is carefully rolled and shipped in sturdy tubes.

Unless otherwise noted, all prints ship flat in specialty packaging using archival tissue.

Please see product notes for all original art.

All items are shipped through Australia Post via the method of your choice at checkout, except for framed pieces which are sent via international courier at a flat rate because they contain glass.

How long will it take to get my order?

For all wall art and limited edition prints, please allow at least ten days for processing before shipping.

From there, current shipping times are as follows:

Within Australia:
Express post : Next business day from order shipment, metro areas.
Parcel post : 4-5 business days, metro areas.

Courier : 2 business days from order shipment.
Express : 4 business days from order shipment.
Standard : 5-7 business days from order shipment.
Economy Air : 6-8 business days from order shipment.

All estimates based on standard delivery times between metropolitan areas of major cities. For more information, check Australia Post's International Post Guide.

If you require your work within a specific timeframe, please email us before ordering to avoid disappointment.

I want to purchase something here as a gift - Can you leave out the receipt and/or send a special message?

Absolutely! Please just include this in your notes on checkout.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Not yet, but soon.

I’m confused or have a question that wasn’t answered here - can I speak to a real life human?

For sure! Just email us at and a friendly real life human will email you within one to two business days.