When will new designs be released?

Steady on! We just got here! Gemma’s got lots of goodies in the works though, so be sure to sign up to the shop-specific mailing list for more details on new releases. It’s a text only message that we send out once every month or so to let you know when new things are here. You can also check Gemma’s intstagram for announcements.

What’s a Giclee Print?

Prounounced zhee-clay if you’re fancy, or jick-lay if you’re Australian, Giclee Prints are a certain kind of fine art print. Working in a controlled environment with a combination of specialty software and hardware, Giclee prints are considered the gold standard with regard to creating the most accurate reproduction of a piece of artwork, while at the same time offering archival qualities through the use of pigment based ink and speciality paper.

What’s a Risograph?

Wouldn’t you like to know! Watch this space, exciting things coming soon.

What’s the difference between an open edition and limited edition?

An open edition means that we can print and sell as many copies of the work that we like. A limited edition means that we set the number of copies that can be made in that specific size or method of reproduction. Because of this scarcity, limited editions carry a higher value for collectors. All of Gemma’s limited edition prints are signed and numbered by Gemma, whereby open editions are typically unsigned or have the signature block printed along with the artwork.

As many of Gemma’s limited edition works are produced on-demand, please allow for additional processing time to allow for signing. This time period can fluctuate depending on Gemma’s travel commitments, so if you require your work for a specific time, please let us know in your order notes and we will do our best to accommodate.

What's this mark on my original artwork?

In most cases, Gemma’s original artwork is created to be scanned and retouched for digital output in print or on screen. Therefore these pieces are truly unique in that some of them may carry errant marks or other irregularities. We consider this to be part of the ephemeral charm of these works and include them deliberately. If you wish to have a pristine piece of retouched artwork on your wall, these pieces may not be appropriate, otherwise please ensure you inspect the close up image of each piece before purchasing.

Can you frame work for me?

Unfortunately not. If you are in Melbourne though, we recommend United Measures.

What framing style does Gemma recommend for her work?

Gemma suggests using natural or waxed finish using a local and sustainable timber, with a box finish to the edge. Original work should be float mounted.

Who’s in charge here?

Gemma’s shop is operated by the friendly faces of Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne, Australia which is a Jacky Winter joint. All giclee prints, and Risographs are produced on-site through our dedicated production arm, New Blank Document.

Who’s in charge here?

Gemma’s shop is operated by the friendly faces of Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne, Australia which is a Jacky Winter joint. All giclee prints, and Risographs are produced on-site through our dedicated production arm, New Blank Document.

Is Gemma currently available for commissions?

Just shoot an email to your nearest artist representative and they’ll see what’s possible. To avoid disappointment please keep in mind however that Gemma is often booked months in advance, and sadly is not able to take on all the commission requests she receives, however each request will be considered and responded to regardless.

How can I contact Gemma directly?

Due to Gemma’s demanding schedule, all correspondence for Gemma should be directed to your nearest artist representative:

THE JACKY WINTER GROUP (Australia and New Zealand) 

+61(0)3 8060 9745


LEVINE/LEAVITT (Rest of World)

NYC +1-212-979-1200
LA +1-310-392-2700

How do you ship things?

All items are shipped through Australia Post via the method of your choice at checkout, except for framed pieces which are sent via international courier at a flat rate because they contain glass.

How long will it take to get my order?

For all Risograph and limited edition prints, please allow at least ten days for processing before shipping.

From there, current shipping times are as follows:

Within Australia:
Express post : Next business day from order shipment, metro areas.
Parcel post : 4-5 business days, metro areas.

Courier : 2 business days from order shipment.
Express : 4 business days from order shipment.
Standard : 5-7 business days from order shipment.
Economy Air : 6-8 business days from order shipment.

All estimates based on standard delivery times between metropolitan areas of major cities. For more information, check Australia Post's International Post Guide.

If you require your work within a specific timeframe, please email us before ordering to avoid disappointment.

I want to purchase something here as a gift - Can you leave out the receipt and/or send a special message?

Absolutely! Please just include this in your notes on checkout.

Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

Not yet, but soon.

I’m confused or have a question that wasn’t answered here - can I speak to a real life human?

For sure! Just email us at info@lamingtondrive.com and a friendly real life human will email you within one to two business days.